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Bringing Home a New Puppy

Congratulations! You got a puppy! Now what do you do? Raising a happy and balanced puppy is not easy. They come into your home and will likely cry for the first few nights (or weeks!), they’ll pee inside, they’ll nip you, chew on your shoes and just in general get...

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Managing Dog Expectations

There has been a rising trend of expecting the world of our dogs. We get a dog and expect them to like all people, all dogs and all situations. I believe this expectation comes from a good place- wanting to take our dog everywhere with us because we love them. Of...

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In The News: Dog Days Of Summer

Good Hound is Ladner’s only store front dog daycare and positive training facility. We proudly offer private and group training, behavioural consultations and reactive dog training, pet first aid, dog & safety workshops for kids

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