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Dog Spa Services

At Good Hound we offer a variety of options that you can add to your current package to enhance your dogs stay. Don’t have a stay at Good Hound coming up but want to spoil your dog with a Spaw Treatment, email to see if there is an appointment for you

Nail Trims ($10): Nail clipping can be added on to any daycare or boarding package. Using positive reinforcement we ensure that the experience is a positive one for your dog.

Quick Rinse ($5):  Want to add a quick rinse to your pup at the end of their daycare adventure! Just before you are set to pick up your dog we will bring them in and give them a quick rinse and dry. After which your pup will be given a private clean space to wait for your arrival to ensure they stay clean for you!

Full Shampoo Bath ($15-$25):  For a super clean dog, our Full Shampoo Bath is a great, inexpensive option to add to your daycare or boarding package. It’s a thorough bath and scrub down and rinse, your squeaky clean pup will be towel dried and placed in a private space until pick up time to ensure they stay fresh and clean.  At Good Hound Country we use only hypoallergenic shampoos to protect your dogs.  We also strive to make sure that every bath experience is an enjoyable one for your dog by using various treats and other positive reinforcement methods.  Pricing of the bath will vary depending on the size of the dog as well as the length of coat on the dog.

E-mail or call 604-946-8724​ for questions!