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Dog Training Philosophy

Good Hound Training offers a variety of group classes and personalized private sessions and packages.

We are proudly a Positive Reinforcement Training Company.
We advocate for the humane training of our dogs and training that has been scientifically proven to work.
For that reason prong collars, choke chains, slip leads and e collars are not permitted in our facility

What is Positive Reinforcement Training? 

Dog Training has come a very long way in the past 20 years. No longer are the days of pack theory or having to be ‘alpha’ or ‘dominant’ over your dog. All of those theories have in fact been discredited. Thank Dog for science! We no longer have to intimidate, scare or hurt our dogs to get them to listen. Science and research has shown us a better way.

Very simply, Positive Reinforcement Training is training your dog to do a behavior by rewarding desired behaviours and ignoring or redirecting undesired behaviours.

Positive Reinforcement Training is force free, pain free and intimidation free. This means no choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, yelling, hitting or any other forms of punishment. Instead Positive Reinforcement Training uses the clicker, treats, praise and anything else your dog views as a reward when he does the desired behaviour. The result? Your dog begins to do a behavior because he wants to, not out of fear of the consequences if he doesn’t. This creates a lasting and consistent positive behavior. It’s the same with people; think about how much more likely you are to do something that you want to as opposed to something that you ‘should’ do because someone else is forcing you to.

Positive Reinforcement Training has been scientifically proven to work and is the only training method recognized as effective and humane by the SPCA. It works for little dogs, big dogs, puppies, older dogs, power breeds, working breeds, herding breeds, aggressive dogs, fearful dogs,  ALL THE DOGS! The best part? Positive reinforcement training also works to strengthen the bond between owner and dog!

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Classes Offered

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All group classes are located in our new facility in Ladner’s Trenant Park Square, unit 5229C 5201 Ladner Trunk Road.

Check Out Our Trainers

Andrew Richards – Head Trainer, Owner

Rachel Kilbrai – CPDT-KA