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Dog Daycare Rates


We are still open for business as usual! All pick ups and drop offs are done outside and extra precautions are being taken while handling leashes. However, all tours of the facility are on hold until the end of the pandemic. If you are a potential new client and would like to see inside the daycare, we recommend checking out our Instagram and Instagram Stories where we post pictures and videos of dogs playing throughout the day.

Thank you for your support!

Rates (excluding gst) ***As of May 1 2022 ***
$40/day ($42 with GST)
$35/halfday (under 5hrs)  ($36.75 with GST)

Packages (excluding gst) ***As of May 1 2022 ***
5 half day package: $160 ($168 with GST)
10 half day package: $300 ($315 with GST)
5 day package: $186 ($195.30 with GST)
10 day package: $360 ($378 with GST)

We encourage all dogs to come to daycare on a regular basis (at least once a week, preferably the same day). Dogs thrive on routine and love playing with their friends. Dogs on a regular schedule will have their friends they see on a regular basis. This means more fun and less stress! As we all know, sometimes being the new kid can be overwhelming! For this reason, drop in rates are higher than package rates.

*Days do not need to be consecutive
*Package is valid for 2 months
*Packages are non refundable
*Prices do not include tax

Receive $10 off a second dog, same family