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Pet Boarding

All Boarding is done at our Good Hound Country Location!

Good Hound Country is proud to be able to offer your dogs the best that daycare and boarding has to offer! With four different types of boarding packages and 1500 sq ft of play space inside and a secured, 4000 sq ft outside, we have what your dog is looking for! When your dog isn’t playing or bonding with our handlers they are settled in their own private suite with the option of siblings sharing a large suite (10% off shared suites for dogs that can eat in the same kennel). The suites have been made with personal care, handcrafted with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. This includes radiant in-floor heating, air exchange units, and only the top of the line materials and equipment. We also have brown noise machines in each of our kennels run to help soothe the dogs. Brown noise has been proven to help dogs relax, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Much like white noise for babies! We also have pheromone scent diffusers in our kennel runs to help reduce any stress and anxiety.  Your dogs comfort and emotional well-being is our #1 priority!

Education is our Foundation! Its scary leaving your pet in the care of someone else. We get it. This is why we believe in education and certifications. Owners Andrew Richards is a certified and practicing dog trainer from the Animal Behaviour College and owner Mallory Richards is a certified and practicing Walks n Wage Pet First Aid Instructor. But education doesn’t stop with us. Here at Good Hound we make sure all of our staff is highly educated and continually learning in the areas of positive reinforcement training, dog behaviour, proper dog play and first aid. We are a Certified Fear Free facility as our owners, managers and supervisors have all graduated from the Fear Free Daycare and Boarding Program. All of our staff have graduated with certificates from the Dog Handler Academy, certified in Walks N Wags Pet First Aid, are trained in dog behaviour by our certified dog trainers and partake in our Good Hound Education Incentive program where we pay them to take Continuing Education Courses in all things relating to pet care and training. We take the safety and security of your dogs very seriously!

Where will they play? We have 7 different play areas for your dog to choose from- indoor, outdoors, under covered outdoors, a sensory garden-  we have it all! And in pure Good Hound style we will carefully match your dog to their play group and play environment by our onsite certified trainers. Or for our Reactive Dogs we have a very quiet farm road for daily relaxing walks and our fields are fully fenced off with visual barriers so they can go for a good run without seeing other dogs.

All dogs are matched by age, size, and play style. Play is 100% supervised and monitored to ensure everyone is safe and playing fair. Our play groups are kept small with a 7-10 dog to handler ratio (sometimes smaller depending on the dogs!) In addition to playtime, we also take the time to review basic obedience skills like recall, sit, wait and stay.

Our goal is for your dog to be both mentally and physically tired at the end of the day!

Good Hound Country Highlights

  • Certified Dog Trainer led daycare and boarding
  • Focus in proper and safe socialization
  • FREE Mini obedience training sessions for all
  • Clean dry indoor space
  • 3 separate outside play spaces
  • Sensory Garden to mental enrichment
  • Undercover Outdoor Turf for the rainy days
  • Staff trained in dog language, play and behaviour
  • Staff trained in pet first aid and R+ training
  • Staff certified by the Dog Handler Academy

Important Information for All Boarders


  • Check in time: 7:30am-4pm Monday to Friday. 9am – 4pm Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
  • Any drop offs before or after our indicated Check In times will be charged a $50 Early or later Drop Off Fee
  • Checkout time for cats is 11:00am. If your cat is not picked up by 11:00am you will be charged for an additional night of boarding.
  • If you cat is not picked up by daycare close (6pm), you will need to pick up the following day before 11:00am.


  • Check in time: 7:30am-4pm Monday to Friday. 9am – 4pm Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
  • Any drop offs before or after our indicated Check In times will be charged a $50 Early or later Drop Off Fee
  • If your dog is not picked up by 11am on pick up day, you will be charged for the day of daycare ($40/dogs and $30 cats)
  • If you dog is not picked up by daycare close (6pm), you will be charged for an additional night of boarding and you can pick up the next day.
  • During peak times stays will to be a 2 night minimum stay and a 3 night minimum stay over Christmas and Spring Break

    Long Haul Stays

    Any stay longer than 7 nights is what we refer to as a “long haul stay”. Long Haul Stays include extra procedures to ensure the continued health of your dog while in our care. After checking in for their stay, a staff member will perform a health check and weigh in of your dog, the results of which are written down on their personal health check record. This allows us to establish a baseline of health for your dog. From there, a staff member will perform a health check and weigh in every five days until their check out date. Any dog with a longer coat, that may be at risk of matting, will also receive a complimentary maintenance brushing along with their health check and weigh in every 5 days. Should a health issue arise during your dog’s stay, you will be contacted via email. Dogs staying for a Long Haul Stay are required to bring an additional 7 days worth of food. 


    This additional food is helpful to us in many ways, including: 

    • If unexpected travel issues require an extension of your stay.
    • Increased exercise can lead to a weight loss that we need to accommodate with larger portions for your dog. 
    • Long Haul Stays can be exhausting for some dogs, and as a result, their eating habits may change. Therefore, we need to have extra food available if we need to add lunch, or problem solve via hand feeding, feeding as treats, feeding on walks, etc. 
    • Keeping your dog on their usual diet helps to prevent upset tummies, which ultimately leads to a more successful and stress free boarding experience for them!


    If your dog runs out of food during their stay, there are some options, including:

    • An additional food charge of $10 per night for basic dry food, which is due upon check out.
    • If your dog’s dry food is available at local Ladner pet stores, we can purchase a bag for you with an inconvenience charge of $50, in addition to the cost of food, due upon check out. 
    • If your dog is on a raw food diet, you may purchase a box or sleeve of our Irrawsistable raw food in the protein of your choice, due upon check out.

What to Bring:

  • Copy of Current Vaccinations (Please email to
  • Canine Vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus)
  • Feline Vaccinations: Rabies (if outdoor feline), FELV, FVRCP
  • All canine and feline guests staying with us are required to be up to date on vaccines. These guidelines are for the well being and safety of your pets as well as our other guests.
  • Please ensure your pet is on a flea preventative program from April to October.


  • Please bring your pet’s own food. Keeping your pet on his or her regular diet helps to prevent upset tummies. If you have forgotten to bring it, or your pet’s food runs out during their stay, we have food that can be purchased for $10/night
  • Any necessary medication should be brought in clearly marked containers. There is no fee for administering medications/vitamins.
  • Please inform our staff of any recent issues or illnesses your pet has had.

Bedding (Optional)

Some dogs and cats feel more at ease if there is an article of clothing that smells like home or a familiar blanket or crate that they typically use. We do supply Kuranda Beds for all pets. All of our rooms come with radiant in-floor heating, air exchange units, and only the top of the line materials and equipment. If you are bringing bedding for your pet, please make sure it is washable, just in case they have an accident. No quilts, sleeping bags, or beds please! 

Pet Boarding Login & Registration

We are now offering online booking for our pet boarding services. If you have already filled out the Boarding Waiver, you can click on the button and begin the boarding registration process or login to your account.