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Boarding FAQ

What package should my dog book in?

The All Inclusive Package

Is perfect for that social dog who wants to play all day! Note dogs in this package must be good with being in a group of 10 dogs of all breeds and genders. 


The Catered Package 

Perfect for that social dog who wants to play but also wants some quiet time to nap and a yummy frozen kong at night! Note dogs in this package must be good with being in a group of 10 dogs of all breeds and genders. 

Intact males and females over 8 months are allowed to book in this package. Intact females must not be in heat.


The Basic Package 

Perfect for that social dog who wants to play but also wants some quiet time to nap! Note dogs in this package must be good with being in a group of 10 dogs of all breeds and genders. 

Intact males and females over 8 months are allowed to book in this package. Intact females must not be in heat.


The Reactive Package

For our non dog social dogs! This is also great for our seniors or dogs recovering from injury and just want to spend time with a handler. Play groups are not fun or safe for all dogs. This package is the fun alternative!

What location is the boarding done at?

Our Country location! 3697 40th street, look for our white A Frame sign just past the big brown house.

How do I book a field rental?

Email us at Rentals are available on the weekend when daycare is closed at 9/9:30 and 2/2:30pm for half hour or an hour. 

How can I best set up my dog for a successful first board?

We recommend first coming in for a field rental so you and your dog can explore and play in our outdoor play spaces. There will be no other dogs in the field so it will be a relaxed and positive first experience where you can also meet some staff. After a field rental, we recommend a one night stay so we can see how they do in the kennel overnight. A one night stay also helps teach them that once you drop them off, you do pick them up!

What dogs are not suitable for boarding in a kennel environment?

Any dog with medium to high levels of separation anxiety or extreme noise sensitivities will not have a good time here. If you cannot leave your dog home alone, then you cannot expect them to be happy in a kennel environment.

Good Hound is a certified Fear Free Facility, does that mean my anxious dog won’t experience fear?

No! This means we take extensive measures to help your dog have the best experience possible. However, it is still a kennel and this environment is not suitable for all dogs. Part of being Fear Free certified is telling you when your dog is not suitable for boarding and not taking in dogs who will not be able to adjust.

My dog is human reactive, can they board?

Short answer is No. We are set up to handle dog reactive dogs. All dogs need to be able to be comfortably handled by a minimum of 5 staff (on reactive package) and or 10 staff any other package. Staff will be both male and female.  Being handled includes the ability to clip on and off a leash, putting on and taking off a harness (if have one), comfortably being led in and out of a kennel on leash.

My dog is human nervous, can they board?

If your dog is slow to warm to humans and you think they could successfully board. They will first have to do an assessment session with head trainer Andrew Richards ($150), then at least one field rental ($15/half hr), followed by a trial night. All of this will help set up your dog for the most success, but does not guarantee that they will be able to board. There are no guarantees with dog behaviour!

My dog is human nervous, but loves dogs! Can they board?

While we appreciate that your dog loves dogs, we cannot have them in group unless we can safely leash them and guide them in and out of play areas and their kennel. They would still have to follow the guidelines for human nervous dogs.

My dog is dog reactive, can they board?

Yes! We love our dog reactive dogs and will show them a great time with walks, love and canine enrichment games and puzzles.

What should I bring for my dog?

Enough food and medication (if needed) for the entire stay- please double check! A small washable blanket from home. Please do not bring any beds, bowls or toys. We have plenty of those!

What vaccinations does my dog need?

Dog: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella all must be current. We also accept Titre Tests. 

Cats: FVRCP, rabies if an outdoor cat

Will I receive picture updates?

All of our pictures and videos are posted daily to our instastories at @goodhoundcountry. Only dogs on our All Inclusive and Reactive Packages are guaranteed daily photos. Dogs on our Basic/Catered will still get some photos, but not daily.

Can you train my dog while they are there?

We can certainly help with training! Just request “Training Add Ons” in your booking. Training Add Ons are $30 per day for your dog to work with one of our trainers. These add ons can cover skills like loose leash walking, recall, impulse control, and basic manners. They do not include any behavioural issues or reactivity.

What are your check in/out hours?

  • Check in time: 7:30am-4pm Monday to Friday. 9am – 4pm Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
  • Any drop offs before or after our indicated Check In times will be charged a $50 Early or later Drop Off Fee
  • If your dog is not picked up by 11am on pick up day, you will be charged for the day of daycare ($40/dogs and $30 cats)
  • If your dog is not picked up by daycare close (6pm), you will be charged for an additional night of boarding and you can pick up the next day.

Does it matter when I drop off/pick up my dog?

Yes! Please try to stay as close as you can to the drop off/pick up time you indicated on your reservation. This way we can assure we have a kennel ready and appropriate amount of staff for your drop off and have your dog clean and ready for pick up. Note: once your dog is bathed we will not send them back out until the fields to play in efforts to keep them clean. Baths are timed in accordance to indicated pick up times. This also means if you are early, your dog may not be bathed.

Should I do a trial night before my dogs first stay with Good Hound/ before a long stay at Good Hound?

Yes! It is definitely recommended so we can ensure that your dog will be happy with us. 

Can I tour the facility? When are virtual tours allowed?

No. Full tours cause stress for the dogs in our care. Instead you are welcome to come into our reception area and view our live cameras. Or you can do a field rental and come play with your dog!

What is a Long Haul Stay?

Any stay longer than 7 nights is what we refer to as a “long haul stay”. Long Haul Stays include extra procedures to ensure the continued health of your dog while in our care.

After checking in for their stay, a staff member will perform a health check and weigh-in of your dog, the results of which are written down on their personal health check record. This allows us to establish a baseline of health for your dog.

From there, a staff member will perform a health check and weigh-in every five days until their check-out date. Any dog with a longer coat, that may be at risk of matting, will also receive a complimentary maintenance brushing along with their health check and weigh-in every 5 days.

Should a health issue arise during your dog’s stay, you will be contacted via email.

Dogs staying for a Long Haul Stay are required to bring an additional 7 days worth of food.

Why do I need to bring extra food for a Long Haul Stay?

This additional food is helpful to us in many ways, including:

  • If unexpected travel issues require an extension of your stay.
  • Increased exercise can lead to weight loss that we need to accommodate with larger portions for your dog.
  • Long Haul Stays can be exhausting for some dogs, and as a result, their eating habits may change. Therefore, we need to have extra food available if we need to add lunch, or problem solve via hand feeding, feeding as treats, feeding on walks, etc.
  • Keeping your dog on their usual diet helps to prevent upset tummies, which ultimately leads to a more successful and stress-free boarding experience for them!

What happens if my dog runs out of food?

  • An additional food charge of $10 per night for basic dry food, which is due upon check out.
  • If your dog’s dry food is available at local Ladner pet stores, we can purchase a bag for you with an inconvenience charge of $50, in addition to the cost of food, due upon check out.
  • If your dog is on a raw food diet, you may purchase a box or sleeve of our Irrawsistable raw food in the protein of your choice, due upon check out.

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