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Reactive Dog Training

ile Andrew loves training all dogs, reactive dogs hold a special place in his heart. Reactive dogs are not bad dogs, they just have a harder time than other dogs coping with every day scenarios. These dogs need our help the most! And for this reason, Andrew specialized in behaviour modification for these Reactive dogs.

What is Reactive Dog? The Reactive Dog is the dog that may bark, growl, or lunge at other dogs, people, bikes or they may get stressed and/or upset at every day noises and situations. A dog can be reactive in the home, out of the home or both. The Reactive Dog can be big or small and any type of breed. The thing most Reactive Dogs share is low confidence, fearfulness and the need for guidance.

Depending on your dog’s level of reactivity we have two options for you.

First we have a Reactive Dog Class; a series of six class sessions. The class is perfect for dogs that can be in a setting where other dogs are around but not necessarily seen. We provide visual barriers so the dogs cannot see each other unless we are practicing.

Think this is too much for your dog? Not to worry, Andrew offers personalized one on one private sessions. These sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or on a local walk depending on what you are working on.

Whether you take the classes or the private sessions, Andrew will help you understand why your dog is reactive and how to help change this behaviour. You will learn how to lower stress in your dog, build calm responses, teach alternate behaviours to reactivity and reinforce the absence of reactivity. Andrew will teach you distraction techniques, redirection, behaviour thresholds, focus and, most important, confidence in the handler. All of this will be done through positive reinforcement training. Science has proven that no breed needs a “heavier hand” or harsh training tools to learn. In fact, positive reinforcement training is often used on large animals such tigers, bears and alligators!

May 2024 Reactive Classes (5 Sessions)

 Mondays June 3rd – July 8 (No class July 1)

6:30-7:30 PM
Trainer: Andrew Richards
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Mondays June 3rd – July 8 (No class July 1

7:45-8:45 PM
Trainer: Andrew Richards
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Intermediate Reactive Classes (5 Sessions) ***Must have completed first reactive class, or 3 private sessions

Mondays April 29th – May 27th

5:15-6:00 PM
Trainer: Andrew Richards
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Mondays June 3rd -24th  

5:15-6:00 PM
Trainer: Andrew Richards
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