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“So proud of Mr. Casey Jones! 4 1/2 months ago when we first adopted Casey we could never have gotten him close to another dog, even half a block would have been too much! He would have either pancacked onto the ground, jumped up on us, or turned into a rodeo horse bucking around and pulling back and forth. Now he is sitting next to Blue dog, as friends! We can’t thank Andrew from Good Hound Training enough. With his help and dedication we have slowly be able to help Casey overcome his fears. He has not only helped Casey but he has helped us feel more confident in our handling skills. I would highly recommend Good Hound Training for anyone looking for a passionate and caring trainer! We can’t wait to continue learning from and helping Casey succeed with his help!”

Kayleigh and Casey Jones

“We have been extremely pleased with our experience using GoodHound Training and Daycare. We started bringing our high energy Labrador puppy to puppy class when he was only a couple of months old. Dexter learned to socialize and we learned the basic principles around training and how to raise a happy pup. We then followed up with basic obedience as Dexter got a bit older to reinforce what we learned and build on his basic skills. We now bring Dexter to daycare at least once a week and he absolutely LOVES it! Since we started bringing him to daycare, we have noticed a huge improvement with his socializing skills. He now greets other dogs calmly on a walk! He is always happy and very well behaved when we pick him up from daycare. Andrew and Mallory are calm, patient and very loving towards all the pups in their care. I wouldn’t leave my dog with anyone else!”

Erica and Dexter

“I took Kona to the North 40 today. She did excellent. Off leash she obeyed almost every comman perfectly. Sit, stay, come, leave it (pesky poodle), three second greet was perfect off leash too. I just wanted to say thank you!”

Thor and Kona

“Thank you for all your help with Coda, we are practicing everything you taught us and doing well. It’s so great to understand how she is feeling and why she is acting the way she does. So amazing can’t believe how much we got through in one hour.”

Jessica and Coda

“Andrew is very grounded and calm at all times, this is most helpful when you’re the gaurdian of a reactive dog. Thank you Good Hound Training. Cant wait to work more with him and our Salty Dog in the future.”

Jo-Anne and Salty Dog

“Andrew has worked with our rescue dog Hercules in private training sessions, we have taken him to obedience class, to weekly Paw Club and we also take him to daycare once or twice a week and we have been nothing, but impressed with all of the services offered by Good Hound. Hercules being a rescue dog has some issues he had to work through and we would not have been able to do so without the support of Andrew. His training methods focus on positive reinforcement and he has helped us come so far with our dog. Weekly Paw Club outings have also been wonderful as they allow us to work with our dog in busy situations with the support of a trainer. We have also been very impressed with the daycare. Because the daycare is run by a dog trainer, out dog is getting consistent training as well at the ability to socialize. We were not sure how Hercules would do in a group daycare setting, but because of the knowledge of the people at the daycare, his integration was seamless and not only has he done well at daycare he loves it. I cannot recommend Good Hound enough for training and daycare services.”

Pam and Hercules

“I was so impressed with our first experience with Good Hound Training. Having had Abby, our ‘lil Mexican rescue who has some fear and nerves, for only 2 months, her first visit was a super positive one! We (okay, I) was a little anxious leaving her, but Andrew and Mallory texted photos and videos to ease my mind and show how much fun Abby was having. That was so thoughtful and very much appreciated!! Looking forward to attending the daycare and taking some classes as well! Thanks again!!”

Jill and Abby

“We highly recommend Good Hound Training! Andrew helped us with navigating our recently adopted dog Maci’s food/possession aggression behaviours. She had been in a kennel for a year and in several homes – always to return back to the kennel for her tendency to bite and to bully. We are now confident Maci has found her forever home. Andrew showed us how to modify behaviours (Maci’s and ours!) in two short sessions and provided excellent tips we were able to practice and generalize the skills to various situations. Maci is already a different dog – she no longer exhibits fear or bullying around food and when she does (gets a hold of some trash that fell over from the neighbors, for example) we are able to get the item without escalation or difficulty. Thanks, Andrew!”

Jiji and Macey

“We have been working with Andrew now over a year for our rescue dogs at PB&Chi and he has helped with every issue you can imagine; dog and human reactivity, fear, housebreaking, crate training, leash training and more! We always recommend Andrew to our fosters and adopters”

Kelly, PB&CHI Rescue