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In 2014, my husband Andrew and I (Mallory) began fostering and rehabilitating dogs. Our mutual love, passion and respect for dogs led us wanting to do more in our efforts to help more dogs and their owners. This first drove Andrew to becoming a certified dog trainer through the Animal Behaviour College. However, the more we learned about the ‘dog industry’ the more we realized how unregulated it all is and how much needs to change – training, rescue, daycare, everything! We knew the best way to invoke change was by leading by example and educating the community. So Good Hound Training & Daycare was born!

Good Hound is Ladner’s only store front dog daycare and positive training facility. We proudly offer private and group training, behavioural consultations and reactive dog training, pet first aid, dog safety workshops for kids, and doggy daycare! Every day, we strive to raise the standards of both dog daycare and training and to educate our clients along the way. We train passionately using only science based positive reinforcement training methods. This means we train without the use of fear, pain and intimidation and without the use of cruel tools like the shock, choke or prong collars.

We also bring this passion into our daycare, treating our daycare dogs like members of our own Good Hound Family. Our daycare day is a mix between free play, solo walks to the parks and mini group training sessions practicing skills like sit, stay, touch, wait and come. Our goal is for your pup to be both physically and mentally tired! All our daycare staff are trained in dog behaviour and play and certified in pet first aid to ensure every dog gets a safe and fun experience while they stay with us. We love and take pride in what we do. And we would love for your dog to join our Good Hound Family!

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Good Hound Dog Daycare & Training
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