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5201 Ladner Trunk Rd

Delta, BC V4K 1W4

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Good Hound Country

3697 40 St

Delta BC, V4K 3N2

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Good Hound Country

Good Hound Country is our brand new addition, located only 10min away from Good Hound Downtown at 3697 40th street!

Good Hound Country is proud to be able to offer your dogs the best that daycare has to offer! With 1500 sq ft of play space inside and a secured 19,000 sq ft outside, we have what your dog is looking for!

We have 5 different play areas for your dog to choose from- indoor, outdoors, uncovered outdoors, we have it all! And in pure Good Hound style we will carefully match your dog to their play group and play environment by our onsite certified trainers.

All dogs are matched by age, size, and play. Play is 100% supervised and monitored to ensure everyone is safe and playing fair. In addition to playtime, we also take the time to review basic obedience skills like recall, sit, wait and stay.

Our goal is for your dog to be both mentally and physically tired at the end of the day!

Education is our Foundation! Here at Good Hound we make sure all of our staff is highly education and continually learning in the areas of positive reinforcement training, dog behaviour, proper dog play and first aid. We do this through bi-annual staff training in-services and certifying everyone in Walks n Wags Pet First Aid. We take the safety and security of your dogs very seriously!


Good Hound Country Highlights

  • Certified Dog Trainer led daycare
  • Focus in proper and safe socialization
  • FREE Mini obedience training sessions for all
  • Clean dry indoor space
  • 4 separate outside play spaces
  • Staff trained in dog language, play and behaviour
  • Staff trained in pet first aid and R+ training


Good Hound Country Policies

  1. Dogs must be dog friendly with no aggression issues and will be assess by our trainer
  2. Dogs must be fully vaccinated; rabies, bordetella, DHPP. Titre Tests accepted.
  3. All dogs over 8 months must be spayed or neutered
  4. Late fees: $5 every 10 minutes
  5. We will feed and administer medications free of charge as long as you provide it


 Hours & Rates

  • HOURS 630-6pm
  • RATES $35 full day, $29 half day
  • 5 and 10 day Packages Available for discounted rates

We strongly recommend that dogs come on a regular schedule (ie every Monday or Tuesday/Thursday). It is easier (and more fun!) for dogs to adjust and make friends when they are in a set routine with the same dogs each week.