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Board & Train For Reactive Dogs

Our Board and Train programs are uniquely designed to cater to your dog’s training needs.  Our Reactive Board and Train is geared towards dogs who have a hard time seeing/meeting other dogs, often barking, lunging and growling. While Board and Trains are not a “magic fix” to your dog’s behavioural issues (because magic fixes do not exist!), they are a great way to set up a solid foundation give your dog a kick start in training.

One of the first and biggest obstacles we face when working with reactive dogs is that in order to be effective the handler must first learn A LOT- thresholds, body language, handling skills, clicker timing, when, where and how to reward and how to do all of this consistently in controlled environments. Board and Train eliminates this first hurdle as the dog will be working, multiple times and day, every day with Head Trainer Andrew Richards.

Andrew’s expert handling and ability to create controlled environments and scenarios within the facility will help your dog learn and gain much needed confidence faster. Before you get too excited, remember training doesn’t stop the moment your dog leaves the facility.

You need to keep it up and continue to build on the foundation that Andrew has set for you. For this reason, included in the Board and Train package are owner coaching sessions during their stay and a follow up session 2 weeks after your dog has returned home. As with all of our training, our methods are based in science. Positive Reinforcement Training has been empirically proven to help change and shape behaviour not only in dogs but across all species.

This means you can be assured that no pain or fear will be inflicted on your dog during their stay with us. Outdated tools like prong and e collars and disproven alpha, dominance and pack ideologies have no place here at Good Hound.  We strive to stay up to date in our education and to train only with the most current, humane and science based training practices.

And your dog will certainly benefit from that!

Board & Train Reactive Dog Package

Board and Train have a recommended minimum of 3 weeks long.

Rate: $3,150 + gst

  • Custom Packages are available, contact us for a quote
  • Good Hound has the right to send home any dog we believe will not benefit from the board and train by the 4th day. If this is the case, you will only be charge per night at the rate of $150/night. 


E-mail or call 604-940-0324​ for questions!